German Mutual Insurance Association offers a variety of property casualty insurance products designed to meet the needs of those in our seven-county writing area.

We also offer liability coverage through two companies – IMT Insurance Co. located in Des Moines, Iowa and 1st Auto Casualty located in Madison, Wisconsin. We do not write coverage for commercial property.

Property Products:

  • Dwellings (Owner-Occupied, Rental and Seasonal)
  • Mobile Homes
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Garages
  • Theft of Building Materials
  • Coverage C-Personal Property
  • Farm Service Buildings (Barns, Machine Sheds, Cribs, etc.)
  • Grain Bins/Drying Bins
  • Farm Personal Property (Scheduled or Blanket)
  • Leased/Rented Farm Machinery
  • Borrowed Farm Machinery
  • Farm Interruption Coverage
  • Farm Extra Expenses Coverage
  • Farm Operations Records Expense
  • Cab Glass Breakage
  • Peak Season (Grain or Seed Held for Sale)
  • ATV (Farm Use only)
  • Outside Wiring
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Water Damage from Sewer or Drains
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Earthquake
  • Satellite Dishes/Antennas

Inland Marine Products:

  • Antiques/Collectibles (with or without breakage)
  • Boat Docks and Lifts
  • Boats/Motors/Trailers (limited to combined value of $5,000)
  • Cameras (nonprofessional)
  • Cellular phones/2-way radios/pagers
  • Coin collection
  • Fine Arts (with or without breakage)
  • Furs
  • Golf Carts & Golf Equipment (with or without replacement cost coverage)
  • GPS Systems
  • Guns/Accessories (used for shooting)
  • Guns/Accessories (collection only)
  • Hearing Aids
  • Jewelry
  • Musical Instruments (nonprofessional)
  • Office Equipment (in home)
  • Sewing Machine and accessories
  • Silverware
  • Stamp Collection
  • Tools, including theft
  • Wheelchair/Hospital Bed


  • Free quotes by local independent agents. We welcome you to contact one of our agents to inquire how insuring with a local mutual can benefit you.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable staff present where all business is handled locally from inspection service to policy processing and billing, to prompt claims service. You will not experience the frustration of automated phone systems or speaking with representatives outside of Eastern Iowa.
  • German Mutual offers annual, semi-annual, and quarterly payment options as well as monthly EFT payments and secure online debit or credit card payments.
  • Your safety and property are important to us. The loss prevention/inspection program is a service for our insureds designed to help you be properly insured to value and also identify areas of concern which could help prevent a future potential loss. No one wins in a loss situation. However, you want the peace of mind knowing you are insured to the correct levels and can recover should the unfortunate loss occur. You, as the insured, have the opportunity to participate with our inspector every five years with an additional on-site loss prevention review.